How to survive the Covid-19 pandemic

I know this is a difficult and trying time for all of us and adjusting to this temporary new normal is rough, for myself included. Here are my top tips for making this time a bit more enjoyable (or bearable at least).

  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING. Full stop. Please do your part to reduce the chance of catching or spreading the virus by listening to the advice of medical professionals and adhering to government recommendations.

  2. Netflix, Hulu, Crave, Apple TV… I know, I know, you likely didn’t need me to tell you that, but just in case someone out there needs to hear this I recommend making a list of all the shows or movies you wanted to watch but never had the time to before now. Or take a trip down memory lane and re-watch shows from your childhood to bring back those feel good memories.  

  3. Family game night – this time is going to be difficult for everybody – young and old alike. So why not make the best of it by dusting off those old board games and choosing a game at night to play with your loved ones. It’s a great way to reconnect with your family and have a little fun as well. If you live on your own or are a couple missing social interaction, reach out to your friends and play games virtually from Apps like Houseparty!

  4. Reach out to your family and friends. Take the time to catch up with those you love and care about via video messaging with FaceTime, Google Duo or Zoom. We all need some visual interactions during this time of isolation.

  5. Read a book – Don’t underestimate the power of a good book. Whether it’s a book for personal growth, development or reflection, a biography, fiction or nonfiction, a great book can provide you with a reprieve from the stress you may be feeling right now.

  6. Catch up on your sleep – this seems like an easy one considering most of our sleep schedules have been disrupted but try to focus on a sleep routine that you can continue when this is over. Try introducing new restful techniques like meditating or reading before bed to help your brain settle down and unwind for example.  

  7. Take up a new hobby – Cooking, baking, yoga, walking or running (practicing social distancing of course for the last two) you may just find that you end up with a new passion you never had before when this is over.  

Whatever you end up doing with this time remember to be patient and kind with yourself and others. This will pass and remember we are all in this together.  

Stay safe and stay healthy, Michele

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